rambling daytime blues

i dreamt i was traveling down the road

with lots of time and no place to go.

the folks in the back were all too kind

but i realized i’d only met them one time.

so i pulled on over at the next gas station

when i was suddenly filled with this strange elation.

here i was halfway across the nation

and in me was this wild sensation.

something in me that kicks and shouts

went on and kicked out all my doubts.

so i hopped in the car and sped on down

all the way down to san francisco town.

i got to the coast and i couldn’t believe

that this is all i really wanted to achieve.

but from nowhere comes ginsberg with a raging bender

and he shouts, “hey man we missed you in denver!”

well the next thing i know i’m eating dinner

with my friends and me and all other sinners.

isn’t it strange, no matter where you go

there’s always people that feel like home.

well soon i was off with a whole new crew

hunting, hungry, for something to do.

then i had an idea that seemed awful pretty

“hey why don’t we go back to the mile high city?”

we arrive, heads reeling in the cool, thin air

but those mountains, man, you couldn’t help but stare.

anyway i got lost walking those denver streets

and wound up where the illuminati meets.

they shook my hand, said, “welcome friend!”

and i sat down so as not to offend.

they showed me things you would not believe

and gave me a pamphlet as i stood to leave.

i walked away from those crazy folk

when suddenly, sadly, i awoke.

i wrote it all down then threw it away.

they’d think i was crazy if i carried on that way.


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