remember that m0rning

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 8.25.38 PM.png
photo by David Rowswell

remember that m0rning

y0u cried at the dunkin donuts

and i just stared at the sn0w

falling 0utside the wind0w?

it was early

and y0u were upset

but i had class

s0 i just ap0l0gized

and left.

remember that saturday night

i was all al0ne

and talked t0 y0u 0nly because

there was n0thing else in the h0use

except wine?

it was late

and i cried

because i th0ught y0u were

t00 nice f0r me.

d0 y0u remember me

back when i was unafraid

and unencumbered?

neither d0 i.

but i d0 remember that car ride

thr0ugh the sm0ky m0untains

c0ming back fr0m asheville.

y0u laughed and sang

and things were simple and n0w.

i am s0rry i never have

the right w0rds in my m0uth.

i h0ard them in my brain.

i am s0rry i always make

the same damn mistakes.

i am still just a kid.

d0n’t h0ld y0ur breath f0r me.

what a wasteful suicide that w0uld be.

but drift al0ng and maybe

s00ner 0r later

we will c0incide

0r c0llide

0r whatever.



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