in my head is a silver screen that plays each moment you’ve had with me and i haven’t missed a scene. hospital rooms have fluorescent lights and my legs are cold but you hold me tight and tell me not to worry. thursday night at the start of fall a movie played that i can’t recall … More moments

i keep thinking 

i keep thinking that there is a world inside this world  where there is no pain. maybe if i surround myself with beauty,  nothing will hurt me. maybe if i embrace waywardness and join the other misfits,  i will be safe. maybe if I lean entirely into the people I love without their awareness,  this … More i keep thinking 

35mm musings

life flashes before me with three chances to understand each frame. meanwhile i’m stuck in the white space, in the imperceptible moments of black before we get back to what you came here to see. watch it 72 times a second, you’ll never see me.


i crave above all else pure and complete sincerity. this is something my soul silently begs for. there’s something about watching sincerity spill (sometimes clumsily) out of goofy, patched-up humans. how endearing. the honesty of people who know the length of their folly as well as the simple & patient love that brought them back … More sincerity